Train with us. Learn with us. Work with us.

Completed: Keep an eye out for future programs.


What We Bring

We are bringing a commitment to teach you as much as we can cram into 6 weeks. You will get to see and learn from both our front and back end engineering teams. You will also be working on real projects that can do real things. Really.

What We Want

Passion. If you had a million dollars would you still be coding? We want to find students who have a passion for not only learning technology, but also for a great customer experience. We want to find those who are ready to spend 6 weeks in an intense learning and programming experience only to leave hungry for more.

What We Hope

We hope to find the next generation of web engineers who want to be innovative developers keen on always learning and growing.


  1. Make sure you meet all of the requirements.

    ** Must be 17 or above, have reliable transporation, and be able to commit to a normal 40-hour work week for the dates provided above.

  2. We are looking for people with a wide range of skills, so please answer the questions to the best of your ability.
  3. Put them into a github repository
  4. Email us at by May 31st with the links to the answers.

Create a basic 1-5 page zombie survival website. This site should utilize modern Responsive Web Design concepts to scale between desktop & mobile viewing.


Create a program that sorts a list of ninja related book titles alphabetically. Once sorted, it should output them as if they were sitting on a bookshelf (e.g. the titles are written downwards besides eachother). BONUS: Write the alphabetical sorting algorithm yourself.


You have just been asked to create a zoo which showcases at least 2 dragons. How would you go about building a habitat that keeps the dragons safe and healthy as well as keeps the customers alive? Please explain each step of your design and how it helps accomplish your two goals.


Describe what excites you about Zappos and more specifically Zappos.Code(). BONUS: Submit a video (less than 5 minutes) answering.


Build a program that can generate a random and valid sudoku puzzle.

Bonus (the sequel)!

Build a to-do list that allows for adding, editing and deleting items. As a second phase make it possible to sort and save the list. Hint! Feel free to use any persistent storage you want (cookies, localStorage, indexDB, MySql, etc.).

Try to accomplish the add, edit and deleting first, as they are the most important.

Get creative and have fun with it! :)